Hong Kong PHAB Association

Volunteer Policy

Goals of volunteer service

  • To promote the concept and spirit of volunteerism to those who wish to devote themselves in volunteer service.
  • To develop potential of volunteers, enrich them and achieve personal growth through the process of volunteer service.
  • To encourage volunteers interact with disabled people in order to promote the concept of PHAB integration.
  • To cultivate sense of belonging among volunteers and share the joy of participating in volunteer service.

Volunteer service registration and operation system

Volunteer registration and withdrawal procedures

  • Legal residences in Hong Kong who wish to devote themselves in volunteer service and without being paid for any rewards are eligible to be registered as volunteers.
  • A volunteer is required to complete the Volunteer Registration Form. The registration process is completed only after the information has been verified and an interview has been conducted by our staff.
  • Volunteers who wish to withdraw from volunteer service can submit their withdrawal notice in verbal or written format.

Clarification of Volunteer Duties

  • Before providing the volunteer service, staff of the Association will clarify duties which volunteers are expected to perform. Volunteers can contact the responsible staff during office hours for inquiries about volunteer service.
  • Staff will discuss and collaborate with the volunteers about the details and tasks of the volunteer service. Volunteers can request for assistance if they encounter any difficulties during the service period.

Compiling volunteer service record

  • In order to maintain an effective implementation of the volunteer service system, service units are required to complete the ‘Volunteer service hour record form’ and keep an updated record.

Management and coordination of volunteers

  • The Association should ensure that all volunteer services are under a systematic management and volunteers have appropriate guidance.
  • The Association will appoint appropriate staff as volunteer coordinator in order to supervise and promote the management of volunteer service.
  • Volunteers are welcomed to give their opinions for a better understanding among them and our organization.

Volunteer Training

  • Suitable trainings will be provided for volunteers to enhance their understanding of our organization‘s missions and objectives as well as promoting the personal growth and development of volunteers.

Volunteer rights and responsibilities

  • Food and transportation allowance may be provided to volunteers to acknowledge their contributions and support their active participation in volunteer service.
  • Relevant trainings will be provided to volunteers when necessary.
  • Volunteers are required to provide accurate and true personal information during the volunteer registration process. The Association reserves the right to decline the registration if the information is inaccurate.
  • Volunteers are required to report any change of personal information to the Association.
  • Volunteers are required to follow regulations of the Association. Illegal and profit making activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to organize activities using the Association’s name without authorization.
  • The Association reserves the right to withdraw any volunteer from the registration system.
  • Volunteers are required to keep confidentiality regarding personal information of service users.

Volunteers acknowledgement

  • The Association will recognize the contributions of volunteers every year through various means.
  • Volunteers can apply for proof of service if necessary.

Voluntary work categories

  • [Caring service] Caring visit, telephone greetings, distributing gifts
  • [Home care service] Household cleaning, maintenance work
  • [Child and youth service] Homework tutoring, organizing game sessions
  • [Programme support] Programme planning, outdoor activities, carnival booth games, raffle tickets selling, flag-selling
  • [Clerical support] Editing and publishing, artwork design, data entry, conducting survey
  • [Professional service] Event photography, master of ceremonies, nursing care, environment greening