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To kill the harmful agents, the purpose is to immediately kill harmful organisms, to prevent pest infestation.

Pesticides before the Second World War:

From minerals, plants and other components. Lack of choices, highly toxic to mammals, such as: arsenic, sodium fluoride and cyanide.

Pesticides after the Second World War:

Mainly synthetic organic chemicals, such as: organic fluorine, organic phosphorus, chlorocarbamate, pyrethrins.

In urbanized Hong Kong, the densely populated environment provides a breeding ground for pests. To control these pests, pesticides are widely used in homes, offices, parks, factories, schools, hospitals, restaurants and public transport, and other places.

Are Pesticides Dangerous?

Pesticides can effectively control pests, but its potential hazards should not be ignored.  In view of the nature of the pesticide itself, if used improperly, may cause serious damage to humans and animals and the environment.

How should we use pesticides?

Pesticides should only be used where absolutely necessary. Whether used by their own or hiring pest control companies to do the job, one should try to avoid inhalation or exposure to the pesticides.

If you decide to do it yourself, you should purchase pesticide products that have been registered for home use.  These products are less dangerous and more convenient to use, just remember to follow all the instructions on the product label.