Hong Kong PHAB Association

Vision , Mission and Purpose

Hong Kong PHAB Association – Striving for PHAB Integration

The idea of PHAB (stands for Physically Handicapped and Able-Bodied) Integration was originated from the United Kingdom and introduced into Hong Kong in 1970s.  Since then, Hong Kong PHAB Association has been providing activities and services based on the concept and strived at promoting integration for persons with and without disabilities.

For persons with disabilities

Empowerment - Persons with disabilities should be empowered to control their own living, and should be able to choose their own education, recreation and leisure activities opportunities they relish, to choose their own career and employments and to make their own choices in other areas. 

Creating Employment Opportunities - Persons with disabilities should have the opportunity to be employed in regular workplaces, same as persons without disabilities.  When needed, they should have access to supported or customized employment. 

Supports - Persons with disabilities should be enabled to live according to their needs even though living situations may require conformity to suit those needs.  They should have access to suitable housing including congregate arrangements that are primarily for people with disabilities.  They should also have the choice to live in their own unit with necessary modification.  Also, persons with disabilities often face challenges in their lives in the community.  Supports for persons with disabilities to be integrated in the community are therefore important for their well-being.

For persons without disabilities

Education - Persons without disabilities should be able to aware persons with disabilities, their talents, needs and ways to communicate and collaborate with them. 

Training - Persons without disabilities should understand the concepts of Barrier-free Access for all persons especially for those with disabilities as well as elderly with “near-to-disabled” status. 

Experiencing Integration - The Association has always been striving to organize opportunities for persons with and without disabilities to experience integration in action. 

Ever since its inauguration, Hong Kong PHAB Association has been developing various activities and services in line with the above-mentioned objectives and has extended its reach into the various aspects of lives of persons with and without disabilities in order to promote the concept of PHAB Integration.  The association hopes that all members of the society, including those with and without disabilities, can equally contribute to building up a community which celebrates the notions of mutual understanding, cooperation and inclusiveness.


To be the role model in the promotion of the PHAB integrative concept.


To promote the social integration of people with and without disabilities while matching the development in social welfare services.


To promote the PHAB concept which is to enable persons with or without disabilities of all ages to participate in all kinds of social, recreational, developmental, educational, training, employment and community support service for better cooperation and integration in a barrier-free environment.